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DXB APPS, one of the leading mobile app development Abu Dhabi firms, puts special emphasis towards serving the varied business requirements with high end mobile app services. With the priority being given on quality and user experience, we as leading app development company Abu Dhabi chang

DXB Apps has emerged as the most desired partners providing top-notch Mobile App Development Abu Dhabi . Crafting path-breaking mobile experiences that resonate with the target audiences is the easiest emotion. Therefore, it becomes effortless to reinvent the app development parameters. From expertise-led knowledge to the latest technology, we offer end-to-end solutions to nearly all industries. Trust DXB Apps to build apps that serve more than the purpose; they are so innovative that your business remains ahead of the curve.

DXB APPS - Catering To Leading Business Industries For High End Mobile App Development 

Health Care

Although there are other guidelines, which we adhere to as a matter of principle, the philosophy behind constructing our health care applications that provide access to medical services and.

Real Estate

Linking our users to their new homes, easy property searches and transactions simplify all the phases of interaction between the buyers and properties in our range of real estate apps. This makes for easier look-view-purchase processes for listed properties, therefore easier on both the buyer and seller to get through.


Through personalized workout and tracking apps, we empower people with the results they want to achieve by living healthy. The apps include personalized workout regimens, the ability to track one's progress, and motivation to keep the user both on course and motivated.

Advantages of Choosing DXB APPS for Advanced Mobile App Development Services

User Centred Design

We formulate an interface that is both intuitive and user-friendly, focusing on the importance of a high level of interaction that will guarantee high engagement and satisfaction.

Proven Track Record

Delivery of quality apps and successful making a mark in different fields entrusted upon us makes us capable of transforming that idea into effective digital solutions with a convincing portfolio.

Security and Compliance

We are chiefly concerned with the security of our applications. This involves making sure our applications comply with industry standards and regulations. Besides, we have some "thumb on hand" security which ensures data is kept safe—users have trust in us.

Explore DXB APPS Innovative Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development

Latest android development Abu Dhabi apps are built by employing the latest methods and state of the art technologies. Purposed for maximum functionality, along with easy to use features, our expert team of developers delivers your desired android app development Abu Dhabi apps for a smooth experience to yield maximum business. Develop for Smart Phones and Tablets Delivering apps that yield maximum results on all platforms.

iOS App Development:

Our team offers exceptionally functional ios development Abu Dhabi apps that maximize the potential of the Apple ecosystem. From app design abu dhabi to deployment areas, we strive forward for outstanding user experience, making your app stand out from the rest.

AR App Development:

This involves design and app development Abu Dhabi of immersive AR experience that is engaging and entertaining to the users; The blend of virtual and physical worlds provides innovative solutions in areas like gaming, education, retail, or any other field of applications, changing how the user interacts with the environment.

POS App Development

Delivering intuitive Point of Sale solutions, we optimize your business operations. Our point-of-sale apps are designed for efficiency and maximum security, easy to use, and conduct transactions while serving your customers in the best possible way.

Blockchain App Development

Secure and subtle, we develop systems applying blockchain. Our smart contract apps on distributed ledger technology - to provide trust, efficiency and innovation, therefore transforming business processes, enable new models of interaction.

Value Added Services Offered By Expert Team Of  Choosing DXB APPS

Security And Compliance

We go overboard for security based on the stringent security standards and regulatory compliance that we adhere to, like GDPR, HIPAA, etc. Robust protection of data builds the trust your users have in it.

Communicate Clearly:

We keep you fully posted at each and every stage in the development lifecycle. You are part and parcel of every decision taken by us-from conception to final roll-out-and share our vision with you for the entire work cycle experience.

Quality Assurance:

Robust, cross-platform, cross-browser tests stand for total performance and functionality at all times. We do thorough QA to pinpoint and iron out issues even before the website is launched and assure the client a completely smooth user experience.

Innovative Frameworks And Advanced Technologies Opted By DXB APPS

Cloud Integration

The goal is to make sure data storage is safe by including cloud services like MS Azure Service, Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Service into applications for the purpose of making them growth-friendly and trustable.


As soon as AI and machine learning capabilities are employed for this purpose, it can be expected that intelligent mobile applications will be created for analysis of different kind of information, study of how people interact with them and even forecasting using big data.AI and ML introduce personalization in mobile applications thereby making it possible to simplify operations.

Blockchain Technology

We have expertise in blockchain technology, thereby allowing us to create secure decentralized mobile applications, which is made possible by smart contracts and DLT. They make financial transactions and management data transparent, immutable, and, above all, secure.


We integrate Internet of Things technologies into mobile applications. IoT applications go beyond just another level of interaction, automate some operations, and further make business processes more productive by extending through domains like healthcare, smart homes, and industrial automation.

Development Process at DXB Apps

DXB Apps employs Agile methods to make the process of developing apps flexible and iterative as well as incremental by adopting the following methods:

1.  Planning

Every cycle of app development company abu dhabi starts with sprint planning to prioritize tasks and align tasks with the response of the customer and vision of the project. In this session, the team agrees upon the sprint vision, outlines the tasks, and ascertains the allocation of resources.

2. High End Action Plan

Transparency, along with Communication, is facilitated through the daily stand-up meetings where the team members discuss their progress and challenges along with Achievements to keep other team members aligned and updated about the progress of the project.

3. Development Phase

The mobile application development Abu Dhabi happens in short iteration cycles called Sprints that may run for 1-2 weeks. Various features and functionalities are developed, tested, and reviewed in any particular sprint/continuous integration and continuous testing deliverables enable the team to find out and resolve issues early.

4. Review and Retrospective

To make this easier for you to understand, a meeting is arranged for stakeholders to see the work that has been done during each sprint. Feedback is sought and accommodated in light of the user response and to meet market demands, too.

5.  Deployment

Continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines ensure smooth, constant updates and new feature deliveries while developing apps. Continued integration and the best practices of automated testing and deployment make releases fast, stable, and reliable while ensuring quality for the developed app and user experience.

Transform Your Vision into Reality with DXB APPS Offering Top Notch Mobile Apps

Selecting DXB Apps, app development company abu dhabi is selecting dependability, knowledge, and creativity. With our wide range of services, which includes developing native and hybrid apps as well as addressing cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT, you can be confident that your app will not only surpass industry standards but also set new ones. You receive more than just a product when you work with DXB Apps; you get a strategic partner who is dedicated to delivering quality and advancing your company in the cutthroat digital market.